Coach Rina Seidel

My name is Rina Seidel, owner and Head Coach for PLAYBALL Houston. I believe that sports play a vital role in the health and well being of every child. Sports help us learn life skills such as respect, sportsmanship, responsibility, confidence, self-esteem, patience, tolerance, and leadership.

Did you know that playtime is very important for kids? This “pastime” is considered their “job” as kids. Playing gives kids the opportunity to explore their creativity and imagination. They experience fun, laughter, joy and success. It develops reading, thinking and problem solving skills as well as motor skill development. This is why PLAYBALL is so important for your children! We use these principles to design a program that is not only fun for the kids, but has an underlying principle to accomplish this!!

PLAYBALL is progressive: children progress from informal introduction of basic ball and movement skills to more structured sports participation. No two classes are the same!!

PLAYBALL consists of 6 stages- each focusing on the age development of the child.

PLAYBALL works on developing skills such as balance, coordination, mid line crossing, throwing, catching, fielding and dribbling.

PLAYBALL is taught in different venues such as pre-schools, day cares, parks, recreation centers and backyards!

PLAYBALL classes begin at age 2 and go through age 9. It suits the needs of all children regardless of athletic abilities. It helps develop the confidence to participate in all activities- on and off the field! Children learn the basic skills for basketball, baseball, volleyball, hockey, tennis and soccer.

We also do summer camps and awesome Birthday parties with all of the favorite PLAYBALL games!

As I was in nursing school, I was presented the opportunity to purchase a Playball franchise. I was so impressed by what I saw, that I jumped right in. Eight years later, I am extremely happy with my decision, and am currently still working as a nurse as well!

With my physical therapy background, I was immediately drawn to the exercises our program uses to accomplish developmental milestones in children. Using sports as the means, we take children’s skills to a whole new level. Watching them catch a ball for the first time, or kick the ball into a target is priceless!

Come see what we can do for your child at PLAYBALL!