Coach Heather Hansen

I am the Owner and Head Coach for Playball Kiddos. I have my Liberal Studies degree from Cal State San Marcos University. I have always had a passion for working with children, and became apart of the Playball team in 2007 while I was working on my teaching credential. When the opportunity came up to become an owner and make Playball apart of my everyday life, I jumped right on it! Playball is such a rewarding and valuable program and I am lucky to be apart of it. I learn just as much from the children each day as they learn from me and the program. I live for the moments when you just see the light bulb click on for the child and they understand the task at hand and comprehend their accomplishment! I appreciate the opportunity to work with your children and help aid in their overall development.

I have been involved in sports ever since my early childhood years, and believe it’s important for children to stay active. The quality of the Playball program is nothing like I have ever seen which is why I feel in love with it and have a strong desire to make a positive impact on your child’s life through the curriculum of this program. I am very passionate about what we are doing for your children and would like to thank you for your support and allowing us to be apart of your child’s life!

Coaching at:

Silverman PE – Monday 
College Park Preschool – Monday 
North Park Community Preschool- Tuesday 
St. John’s Lutheran Preschool – Tuesday 
College Park Preschool – Tuesday 
San Diego French American – Tuesday 
Early Learners Preschool – Wednesday 
Foothills Faith Academy- Wednesday 
City Tree Christian School – Wednesday 
College Avenue Preschool – Thursday 
First United Methodist Preschool – Friday 
Bonita Country Day School – Friday 
City Tree Christian School 2’s – Friday 
Montessori School of San Diego – Friday

Heather’s Reviews

  • Calvin’s had a great time with you folks and you might find it nice to know that one of the things he said was “I can do it on my own now”, so you have certainly helped with his athletic growth and development, as well as his confidence in himself. I wish you continued success with the program, and hope that you’ll get to see our little Eleanor come through in a couple of years. Cheers – Jen Morino
  • Our kids have been going to playball since early preschool both after-school clubs and camps. My daughter who is not big on sports (we’ve tried her in soccer) LOVES playball and we never hesitate to sign her up for Playball preschool classes/camps etc. The camps are great as they do other activities like sport-themed arts and crafts. The communication is responsive, thorough, and coach Heather does an amazing job organizing, leading and coaching. – AJ. H.
  • Thank you so much! We have been so pleased and happy that your program has been integrated here at the school. It has definitely been an integral part of her growth, physically and mentally. We are relocating to Colorado. We will look for Playball there. She will definitely miss you. Keep up the Awesomeness! Thank you again!! – Edmund and Michelle