Coach Dee Dee Lance

A bit about my background…
I earned my Bachelors degree from University of California, Santa Cruz in 2006 with a double major in Psychology and Photography. The combination of the creative/artistic part of myself with the academic has always been a balance that I strive to create.

A few years later I was able to continue my love for balance and I obtained my Masters Degree in Psychology with a Creativity Studies specialization from Saybrook Graduate School in 2009. During my degrees I always found time to stay active through running marathons and half marathons as well as playing soccer. Another necessary balance – studying and exercising! You can’t have your head in the books all the time! 🙂

After earning my Masters degree I co-founded Little Ladies Sports Club (LLSC) which is activity-based mentoring for adolescent girls age 11-18. This was the perfect combination of creativity, physical activity, and psychology. My love of sports and LLSC eventually led me to Playball! Currently, I am Director of Playball Kids in San Francisco and feel so incredibly lucky to be coaching kids in the bay area!

No matter what I am doing, whether it is coaching or mentoring the kids, writing, studying, or playing soccer I always strive to discover a way to do so with positivity, creativity, and of course balance!