Camps: San Diego, CA Area

Contact: Heather Hansen
(925) 997-1768


Camp Playball is an age-specific sports camp for children ages 3 to 8 based on the techniques and standards of Playball. Children will begin to learn the basis for such sports as soccer, tennis, hockey, basketball, baseball, volleyball and more. We use the medium of sports to not only improve fine and gross motor development, but to also teach basic life skills. At Camp Playball, your child will learn persistence, courage, cooperation, respect, positive relationships, self worth, communication, responsibility and countless other attributes. We use a loving, highly creative medium to teach necessary skills, educate and play imaginative games.

Time: 9am to 1pm

Sports skills 1.5 hours
Sports-related games 1 hour
Arts and crafts 30 minutes
Lunch 30 to 40 minutes
Breaks & snack time 2 breaks of 15 minutes each
Early Registration Discounts:
November 27th get 10% off
December 3rd get 5% off

Sibling discounts offered
(only 1 discount applied)

St. David’s

5050 Milton St. San Diego, Ca 92110
9:00am – 1:00pm
December 31st.; (no camp Jan. 1st)
January 2nd-4th


Customer Reviews

  • My children have attended Camp Playball many times, and each experience was unique. The coaches are incredibly adept at teaching sports skills to the children, and they truly understand how to accommodate their individual needs. The structure of the day allows for many different experiences, and it keeps the children engaged all the way through. The coaches speak to the children on their level and they keep the program interesting and fresh. Not only are they participating in physical activity that challenges their bodies and minds, but they come home with crafts and photos each week that they are so proud to share with me and my husband! From the morning welcome, to the Playball closing song, the program is amazing and I am so grateful to have found Coach Heather and her team!
    Amy Stanley, Preschool Director
  • My daughter has done Camp Playball the last two summers and absolutely LOVES this! This summer, my son who is now potty trained, was able to join, too! He loved it as well! The coaches are so enthusiastic, positive, helpful and compassionate. Not only do they do a bunch of team sports/games, they also do arts and crafts too.

    Safety was never a concern for me. They are so vigilant and keep incredibly close eyes on all the kiddos. It also helps that all the kiddos are wearing their “Camp Playball” shirts so you can easily see all the kids.

    I also especially liked them washing their hands or using hand sanitizer before the children ate snack and lunch. This helped them to stay healthy for the whole week. I highly recommend this camp and Heather and her team. They are wonderful!
    Dana T.

  • My two sons, 4 and 6, just completed a week of morning camp with Playball. The experience definitely surpassed my expectations. The coaches (Lauren, Liya and Heather) were fantastic: kind, enthusiastic and dedicated. The first day, one of the coaches even checked in with me about my son’s eating habit as he hadn’t eaten much lunch, so they were clearly paying attention. It is obvious to me that in addition to sports skills, they are teaching emotional intelligence skills and life skills. The boys enjoyed the crafts they did and the games they played. I highly recommend this program.
    Hope G.
  • Coach Heather and her team have been frequent enrichment providers at my son’s preschool as part of their weekly classes, as an afterschool event AND as intersession “camp” open to all area children. Their programs are loved by every child and parents that I have seen – daily physical exercise, fair play, sportsmanship, variety, coordination, excitement…positive positive positive from the get go! For the camps Heather had craft activities every day and my son was so proud to wear his Playball t-shirt, drink from his Playball water bottle, fly his kite and show me his photo cube documenting this week’s activities. If you want a fun activity for your child, Camp Playball comes HIGHLY recommended!
    Jackie G.